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Inspiring Presence of Plants in Interior Design

The use of live plants into contemporary home design is on the rise. They improve the aesthetics of a room and provide life to it, but they also contribute to your physical and mental well being. Accenting, softening, or even eliciting a certain mood inside an interior space is all possible with the addition of […]

The Power of Storytelling in Branding

Outline: Introduction: The Impact of Storytelling on Branding Key Elements of Effective Brand Strategy Building Emotional Connections Through Storytelling Techniques for Crafting Compelling Brand Stories Successful Brand Storytelling Examples Conclusion: Meta Description: “Learn how storytelling influences branding. Understand the strategies to create captivating stories that engage your audience.” Introduction: The Impact of Storytelling on Branding […]

What is a concept board?

What is a concept board? Design-itude’s initial design steps to develop a concept board: What distinguishes the concept board’s elements are all the facts and sparks obtained from the client brief. At the client briefing meeting, the client needs to provide as much knowledge as possible about their lifestyle in general and, more importantly, about their favourite […]

Eco Friendly Ways To Retreat Your Space

Eco Friendly Ways To Retreat Your Space People commonly do renovations in spring and summer, considering them as renovation seasons. They remodel their houses and apartments for ceremonies and barbecues. It’s a good time for discussing some eco-friendly methods to beautify their space. If you are searching for a low-cost option that can make a big difference, […]

Chooing Your Colour Scheme

Chooing Your Colour Scheme Picking a different hue can make the room look bigger or smaller and affect your mood and perceived temperature. You can use colour and form to give your interior a distinct spatial impression. Colour and feelings Warm colours such as red, orange, and yellow create a warm and friendly aura, and catch your […]

Timeless Icons – Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Timeless Icons Sydney Opera house.The Taj Mahal incorporates Mughal and Persian architectural features, but it still stands as one of the most impressive instances of Mughal architecture. Mughal architecture, in fact, blends an array of styles, including Indian, Islamic, Persian, and Ottoman Turkish architecture. Jørn Utzon, an unknown 38-year-old Dane, won the international competition to design a […]

Timeless Icons – Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Timeless Icons Taj Mahal in Agra, India is a mausoleum. People refer to it as “the pearl of Muslim art” and the “crown of palaces”. It is one of India’s most famous and well-known landmarks. The place is well-known and appreciated not only in India but also throughout the world. After the death of his third wife […]

Thinking of building a smart home?

Upgrading to a smart home may seem futuristic, but it is now an achievable reality. You can automate and control lighting, heating, and even home security with various affordable smart gadgets available today. You can even lock your doors remotely. Moreover, building a smart home is no longer expensive, as smart equipment is more diverse and […]

Why Is Interior Design Important to the Construction Industry?

Interior design drawings are essential in all phases of project construction. In the modern era, the main building or office structure represents the identity of the company it is home to. Crucially, the interior of the office space represents the company more clearly. Interior design is a critical element in ensuring the health, safety, and […]

Lighting Design – A Complete Guide to Residential Lighting

Lighting is important in every interior. It illuminates and highlights spaces, creates an ambiance, and the right lighting enhances the mood and the functionality of a room. Hence, the importance of residential lighting design to ensure every space can be used, appreciated, and enjoyed. What is lighting design? Lighting design is a technique of distributing […]

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