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Soffra – Albanian Restaurant


London, UK




The Challenge

In the bustling streets of London, amidst the diverse tapestry of cultures and cuisines, there emerged a beacon of Albanian tradition and hospitality known as ‘Soffra’. Its inception wasn’t merely about opening another eatery; it was a journey deeply rooted in the essence of Albanian heritage and the universal language of food. The name ‘Soffra’, derived from Arabic, encapsulated the very heart of the venture – the dining table. It symbolized not just a physical space to consume food but a sacred gathering point where stories were shared, bonds were forged, and cultures intertwined. Soffra is more than just a restaurant; it is a hub of connection, where strangers become friends over steaming plates of traditional delicacies. It is a melting pot of cultures, where individuals from all walks of life come together to celebrate their shared humanity.

The Result

The result of ‘Soffra’ was beyond great. Starting from scratch we created, developed and introduced an Albanian café & restaurant to the people in London. The client wanted the look and feel to be traditional, reflecting the Albanian culture while creating a sense of home and belonging in the building. And this is exactly what we delivered. A café & restaurant where can enjoy and experience the Albanian culture from the moment they set foot through the doors. In the morning ‘Soffra’ operates as a café serving freshly baked Albanian pastries and speciality teas and coffee. In the afternoon-evening, they serve traditional Albanian cuisine with a modern twist – incorporating their own homemade recipes within.