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Slice - Pizza Restaurant


London, UK




The Challenge

In the bustling heart of London, where the city’s vibrant energy pulsates through its streets and alleys, Slice emerged as a beacon of culinary innovation amidst a sea of eateries. Nestled within this culinary landscape was Slice – a promising venture poised to revolutionize the traditional pizza dining experience. Its founders envisioned more than just a place to grab a slice; they envisioned a space that would transport diners into a realm where every bite was an adventure and every corner whispered tales of culinary craftsmanship. With its expansive 240m2 canvas, Slice stood as a blank slate, brimming with potential and awaiting transformation. It was not merely a restaurant space; it was a stage waiting for its performers, a gallery yearning for its masterpiece. The founders knew that to truly stand out in London’s competitive dining scene, they needed more than just exceptional food; they needed an interior that would captivate and enthral, leaving an indelible impression on every guest who crossed its threshold.

The Result

The result of the Slice project was nothing short of extraordinary. What started as a mere pizza restaurant in the heart of London transformed into a captivating destination that transcended conventional dining experiences. Our meticulous attention to detail and innovative design approach culminated in a space that seamlessly blended nature-inspired tranquillity with the vibrant energy of the city. The vibrant colour scheme, carefully curated materials, and thoughtfully placed greenery created an atmosphere that was as visually stunning as it was inviting. The efficient layout of the commercial kitchen ensured swift and seamless service, allowing customers to enjoy perfectly crafted pizzas without delay. Meanwhile, the bespoke artwork, exposed brickwork, and polished concrete surfaces added layers of texture and character to the space, creating a sense of warmth and authenticity. Slice quickly became more than just a place to dine; it became a destination where pizza lovers could escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse themselves in a culinary experience like no other.