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The Challenge

A family seeking to elevate their suburban living experience approached us with a clear vision in mind. They desired a home that not only catered to their practical needs but also reflected their love for nature and their desire for a space where they could entertain guests and create lasting memories. Specifically, they requested a double-story extension to accommodate additional bedrooms and enhance the internal layout, as well as a comprehensive landscape redesign to create an inviting outdoor space suitable for both relaxation and entertainment.

The Result

The result of the project was nothing short of extraordinary. What began as a simple suburban dwelling had evolved into a vibrant oasis, brimming with life and laughter. The double-story extension provided not only additional space but also a sense of luxury and comfort, with masterful design elements enhancing every corner. Outside, the landscape flourished into a sanctuary of beauty and recreation. Decking and lighting features created an inviting atmosphere, perfect for entertaining guests and fostering precious family moments. The addition of a pond and children’s play area added whimsy and charm, transforming the once-ordinary yard into a place of wonder.