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Ibiza Duplex

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Ibiza Duplex



Ibiza Duplex


Ibiza, Spain




The Challenge

Perched amidst the rugged beauty of Ibiza’s landscape lies a hidden gem: an industrial-bohemian duplex villa that captivates the senses and transports guests into a realm of eclectic charm and understated elegance. Here, within the embrace of nature’s splendour, a unique fusion of design styles unfolds, seamlessly blending the raw, edgy aesthetic of industrial architecture with the free-spirited allure of bohemian chic. In this industrial-bohemian villa, opposites not only attract but coalesce in perfect harmony, creating a sanctuary that transcends conventional notions of style. Whether seeking moments of quiet introspection or lively gatherings with loved ones, this villa offers an immersive experience that is as captivating as it is unforgettable

The Result

This industrial-bohemian villa is a masterful blend of contrasting design styles. Natural oak wood, polished concrete, dark timber flooring, bamboo features, and neutral tones come together to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. With its seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces and thoughtful design elements, this villa offers a serene and stylish retreat on the enchanting island of Ibiza. Following the client’s brief for a harmonious, unique, and functional space, we managed to turn their vision into a stunning reality that harmonized natural elements with industrial aesthetics.