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Castle 190

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Castle 190



Castle 190





The Challenge

Nestled in the heart of Egypt, this residential project aimed to transform a traditional house into a vibrant, modern-retro haven. The client sought an interior that seamlessly blended vintage charm with contemporary elegance, while infusing the space with vibrant colours. The challenge was to create a cohesive design that harmonized various eras and styles, emphasizing comfort and style throughout.

The Result

The result was a stunning blend of modern and retro, with each space telling its own story. The living areas boasted a mix of vibrant furniture, while the bedrooms offered cozy retreats with playful elements. The kitchen, with its pink cabinets and colourful accents, became a focal point, merging functionality with visual appeal. This project not only met the client’s brief but exceeded expectations by transforming a traditional house into a modern-retro masterpiece. The eclectic mix of materials, patterns, and colours turned this dwelling into a vibrant and inviting home, where every detail tells a story of style, comfort, and individuality.