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Beheira Buildings & Flats



Beheira Building & Flats


Beheira, Egypt




The Challenge

Our journey began with a formidable challenge: tasked with revitalizing the aging façade of the Beheira building, we embarked on a mission to infuse it with a contemporary flair, all while ensuring harmony with its surroundings. The challenge lay not only in modernizing the building’s elevations but also in preserving its inherent character and charm. As custodians of architectural legacy, we approached this task with reverence, meticulously planning each modification to strike the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. As our vision extended beyond the exterior walls, the challenge evolved into a delicate dance of design, where we navigated the intricacies of spatial dynamics and personal preferences to craft living spaces that would resonate with modern sensibilities.

The Result

Beheira project. One building, two flats. Two modern, stylish, elegant, totally different flats. This is a project where we intertwined architecture and interior design and delivered nothing short from excellence. This modern building is a symphony of clean lines, curved angles, and harmonious proportions. The entrance is a masterpiece of minimalism and precision. Ascending skyward, the building’s form shifts and evolves, maintaining its geometric integrity while offering a sense of fluidity. This modern architectural gem celebrates the beauty of geometry, showcasing how mathematical precision can harmonize with contemporary aesthetics to create a building that stands as a true work of art in the modern cityscape. Taking a quick look inside, the theme of geometric design continues. While both flats showcased modern, luxurious styles, the chosen colours were total opposites; The skilful interplay of colours, textures, and materials transforms every corner into a haven of luxury, making a space where modern design flourishes in the embrace of deep, rich tones.