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The Story / Brief Introduction of the Project In the heart of a serene villa compound, nestled amidst lush greenery and tranquil surroundings, lies the ambitious Dyar Villa. It’s a tale of transformation, where a modest house is destined to be reborn as a magnificent family abode, brimming with elegance and charm. Set against the backdrop of this picturesque enclave, the challenge is clear: to breathe new life into the existing structure, inside and out. With three stories to work with, the canvas is vast, offering boundless possibilities for reimagining space and design. But the true test lies in melding luxury with functionality, seamlessly blending indoor comforts with the allure of the outdoors. The task at hand is to create not just a house, but a haven—a place where family bonds are nurtured, where laughter fills the air, and where every corner whispers tales of warmth and hospitality. With a pool shimmering invitingly in the sunlight, a pergola beckoning for lazy afternoons, and a rooftop boasting panoramic vistas, the vision is clear. This isn’t just about building a home; it’s about crafting an experience—a sanctuary where style meets substance, and where memories are waiting to be made. “The pergola and outdoor entertainment area were beautifully designed and well-executed. We especially loved the choice of materials and seating options, which added to the luxurious ambiance.”


Our mission was clear: to craft a haven that embraced both warmth and opulence—a place where family bonds could flourish, and guests would feel embraced in luxury. The vision was to bring to life their dream home, a space that resonated with their desires for comfort, elegance, and entertainment.

Addressing this multifaceted challenge required a comprehensive approach, encompassing interior, exterior, and landscape design. Each element was intricately woven together to form a cohesive whole, where every detail contributed to the overarching atmosphere of luxury and relaxation.

Inside, the focus was on creating an atmosphere of refined indulgence. Luxurious materials, exquisite furnishings, and meticulous attention to detail transformed each room into a sanctuary of comfort and style. From the welcoming foyer to the sumptuous living spaces, every corner beckoned with the promise of elegance and tranquillity.

Outside, the landscape design played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall ambiance. Expansive greenery, carefully curated plantings, and thoughtfully designed outdoor living spaces extended the sense of luxury beyond the walls of the house. From manicured gardens to inviting patio areas, the exterior spaces were conceived as an extension of the home—a seamless transition from indoor comfort to outdoor serenity.Together, the interior, exterior, and landscape design elements combined to create a harmonious retreat—a place where family could gather, guests could be entertained, and dreams could take flight amidst an atmosphere of timeless luxury.

What was our brief?

The solution / What did we do?

At the heart of this project was the aim to create an inviting and luxurious home that catered to the owners’ desire for comfort, elegance, and entertainment. From the moment you approach the villa, our focus was on making the entrance a warm and welcoming experience. We ensured ample parking right at the doorstep and adorned the pathway with artistically laid stone slabs, enveloping the facade in earthy tones to evoke a sense of homeliness. Windows were strategically placed to flood the space with natural light and provide picturesque views, setting the stage for a memorable entrance.

Our approach was centred on innovation, blending geometric forms, spaciousness, and modernity with a touch of vintage charm. The rooftop oasis stands as a testament to this approach, offering a private and cozy retreat at the highest point of the house. Wooden slabs and carefully selected flooring were utilized to achieve a contemporary yet classic aesthetic, providing the perfect setting for intimate gatherings and enjoying scenic vistas.

The villa boasts a myriad of standout features, including a modern lavish pergola adjacent to the pool, designed to elevate outdoor entertainment to new heights. Utilizing luxurious marble for the table and grilling station, accented by dark wooden finishes and state-of-the-art fer-forgé highchairs, the pergola exudes sophistication and style. A nude tree serves as a striking centrepiece, offering versatility for both decorative elements and functional lighting. The expansive green space surrounding the villa provides ample room for large gatherings and outdoor activities, ensuring that luxury, hospitality, and entertainment are seamlessly integrated throughout the property.

The Materials / What did we use?

For the entrance area, we utilized artistically laid stone slabs to create a welcoming pathway. The facade was adorned with earthy tones, possibly achieved using materials such as natural stone or brick for cladding. Windows were likely framed with materials like aluminium or wood to allow for maximum light and views.

In the rooftop design, modernity and vintage charm were balanced using wooden slabs for the flooring, possibly teak or cedar for durability and aesthetic appeal. The vintage look could have been achieved with reclaimed wood or distressed finishes. Additionally, contemporary materials such as stainless steel or glass might have been incorporated into railings or architectural features.

For the pergola, luxurious marble was chosen for the table and grilling station, providing a sophisticated touch. Dark wooden cupboards were likely crafted from high-quality hardwoods like mahogany or oak to complement the marble and create visual contrast. The state-of-the-art fer-forgé highchairs may have been made from wrought iron for durability and elegance.

Throughout the outdoor space, a variety of materials were likely used. The nude tree centrepiece could have been a living tree or a sculptural element crafted from metal or concrete. The green space itself may have featured natural grass or artificial turf, with pathways possibly paved with materials like concrete pavers or gravel for accessibility and aesthetics.

The key highlights of this project include:

  • Welcoming entrance with ample parking and artistically laid stone slabs.
  • Earthy tones and strategically placed windows for natural light and views.
  • Rooftop oasis offering a private and cozy retreat with wooden slabs and carefully selected flooring.
  • Modern lavish pergola adjacent to the pool, featuring luxurious marble and dark wooden finishes.
  • State-of-the-art fer-forgé highchairs and a nude tree centrepiece in the pergola area.
  • Expansive green space surrounding the villa, providing ample room for large gatherings and outdoor activities.

What did we do?

The Results – How did it look?
This project was a stunning transformation of a modest house into a luxurious family retreat, situated within a serene villa compound. From the welcoming entrance adorned with artistically laid stone slabs to the rooftop oasis offering panoramic views, every detail exuded elegance and sophistication.

The highlight of the project was the creation of a modern lavish pergola adjacent to the pool, featuring luxurious marble, dark wooden finishes, and state-of-the-art fer-forgé highchairs. This outdoor space provided the perfect setting for entertainment and relaxation, complemented by expansive greenery and a nude tree centrepiece.

The client’s reaction was overwhelmingly positive, as they were thrilled with the welcoming ambiance, luxurious design elements, and seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces. They were particularly impressed by the attention to detail and the cohesive aesthetic that permeated every aspect of the villa. Overall, the Dyar Villa project was a resounding success, exceeding the client’s expectations and providing them with their dream home.

his project transformed a modest house into a luxurious family retreat within a serene villa compound. Key features included a welcoming entrance with artistic stone slabs, a rooftop oasis with panoramic views, and a lavish pergola by the pool with marble, dark wood finishes, and state-of-the-art highchairs. Expansive greenery and a nude tree centerpiece enhanced the outdoor space. The client was thrilled with the elegant design, seamless indoor-outdoor integration, and attention to detail, making the Dyar Villa project a resounding success.

How did it look?

he project for our client was focused on storytelling and creating an immersive experience rather than just a physical space. The aim was to design an environment where each element contributed to a narrative of cultural discovery and celebration, engaging guests’ senses and emotions from the moment they entered.

The vision emphasized the transformative power of design, pushing us to create a sanctuary where culture, heritage, and life’s simple joys converged harmoniously. We brought this vision to life by infusing the space with the warmth, vitality, and energy of African heritage.

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